Privacy policy and terms of use

Information about website visitors

In case we request certain personal information, such is the case when you request some service. The information requested may include your name, internet address or name on-screen user, address for receipts, computer type, credit card number or other information, in order to provide you with the service or vehicle you require.

This information may be used to make you aware of other services or vehicles that you may be interested in. You may choose not to receive information about such services or vehicle, by choosing on the screen where you register to receive the service or vehicle you want. In addition to the above information, we may ask you for information about your personal interests, so that both you and we will benefit from the online information, with the difference that you may choose whether or not to provide information.

Additionally we can provide you the opportunity to be registered in the directory of any of our services related to the brand of Ready Rent A Car. These records are also optional and you may make changes or modify the information provided when you wish.

Special attention to minors

Ready Rent a Car has a special care to protect the safety and privacy of minors who use our service. We specifically do not collect information about minors and believe that they should get permission from their parents before providing any kind of information. We invite you to participate and monitor your child’s experience in cyberspace.
Information about visitors to the website
Our service automatically collects certain general information regarding the use of the service, such as the number and frequency of visitors to the Ready Rent a Car website and its different areas.
This information is only used as statistics. This kind of information helps us to determine how many of our clients access a particular area and which parts of the site they use, so that we can improve it and make sure it is as attractive as possible.
Ready Rent A Car uses a technology called “cookies” that indicates when and how many people enter the site. Cookies do not collect personal information from users and do not supplement information obtained through cookies with other personal information that might indicate who you are or your screen user name or email.
Changes in the privacy policy of Ready Rent A Car
In the event of changes to our privacy policy, Ready Rent a Car, will publish the changes by this means, so that you are always aware of the information that is collected, the use of this and the cases in which it could be disclosed to third parties.

Use of the service and responsibilities

The conditions of access and use of this website are strictly governed by the legality in force and the principle of good faith committing the user to make good use of the web and the services offered.
All acts that violate the legality, rights or interests of third parties are prohibited, expressly prohibiting: performing actions that may produce on the web or through it and by any means any kind of damage to the systems of Ready Rent a Car or Third. Advertising or commercial information directly or covertly, spam (sending mass emails) or sending large messages in order to block the servers on the network.
Ready Rent A Car cannot assume any liability arising from the incorrect, inappropriate or illicit use of the information appearing on the website

General terms of Use

Ready Rent A Car is committed to protecting users ‘ privacy. The intention is to contribute through cyberspace to create a reliable and safe environment for users.
The privacy policy applies to the site
The purpose of the privacy policy of Ready Rent A Car is to provide you, as a visitor to the page, of the different kinds of information that it is possible to obtain, the cases in which this information will be divulged to Third parties and the options it has with respect to the use that it could given to that information and its right to correct the same one that is collected.
It is important to mention that this policy applies only to Ready Rent a Car, and not to other companies or organizations or networking sites with which we have connections and/or links.
Ready Rent A Car Object, provides clear information to users about the vehicles and services it provides to its customers, its features and information about the company itself.


Ready Rent A Car declines any liability in the event that access or visits to the Web site are impossible or difficult due to an interruption or defective provision of electricity, telephone or other telecommunications providers foreign to Ready Rent a Car, or in the case of social conflicts or other cases of force majeure, or any act of a third party, including the requirements or administrative or judicial orders, sabotage or saturation, intentional or not.
All liability deriving from the damages that may be suffered by the visitor in his computer or telematic means as a result of the production of any of the above circumstances is also declined.

Declaration of use of cookies

Cookies used by our website do not store private information that may be subject to any harm against you or may damage your computer or mobile device and most of them are temporary and disappear at the end of the session.
In order to provide you with a site with the best Web experience, Ready Rent a Car uses proprietary cookies and third party cookies to improve your usability and interaction with the user. Cookies used by our website do not store private information that may be subject to any harm against you or may damage your computer or mobile device.
Ready Rent a Car does not control or configure the use of third party cookies (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, among others) that are used on our site, so we urge you to review the use and conditions of each one of them.
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