Payment method

Bac San José - Banco Nacional - Credit and debit cards- PayPal

The method of payment is by means of bank deposit (Bac San Jose and Banco Nacional), we also receive all your credit cards.
The driver and the payment data are registered when making the reservation and are not modifiable. The person who rents/collects the vehicle must be the holder of the indicated credit card. This must be presented in Ready Rent a Car when you pick up the vehicle and be valid at that time.
By booking the “prepaid” fee, you will be charged to your credit card, the full amount of the rental in advance, before you have made the rent. The amount that will be charged on your credit card includes the rental price as well as all additional fees and extras.
In the event of changes to the reservation, the amount paid in advance will not be reimbursed, especially in the case of reduced rental duration (subsequent pickup or early return of the vehicle).
For security, a guarantee deposit is requested on the means of payment (credit card). The exact guarantee deposit will be determined in the delivery of the vehicle, since the amount of the same depends on the vehicle and the length of the rental. Cash deposits are not accepted.