Protection Packages

Full Protection


Protection of damage to third parties.
Protection of damages, materials and total theft.
Roadside assistance.

Basic protection


Protection of damage to third parties.
Total theft protection.
No coverage applies for traffic fine, lack of fuel or loss of license plates.

This protection covers the civil liability for damages caused to third parties in their property or persons by event.

This protection protects the material damage suffered by the rented vehicle as a result of collision or rollover, breakage of crystals, phenomena of nature, vandalism and unprovoked fire. It also supplements the total theft of the unit under the invariable application of a 10% deductible of the commercial value of the rented vehicle.

This protection covers the total commercial value of the vehicle at the time of the accident under the application of deductible of 10% of the commercial value of the same.

In case of contracting of deductible protection since the opening of the contract the deductible of the material damages covered within the protection of material damage will be reduced to 0%. In the case of Total theft, the deductible is not reduced and remains at 10% of the commercial value of the vehicle.

This protection does not cover theft of auto parts, or damage to the interior of the vehicle.

This protection covers the provision of road assistance services due to an accident or breakdown in the following cases.

Road assistance: In case of breakdown, mechanical failure, pneumatic struck or unloaded accumulator that prevents the movement of the unit, the road assistance will be provided.

Locksmith Service: In case of loss, damage or forgetfulness of the key inside the unit, it will be sent to a specialized supplier for the opening of the car. In case of loss or damage only the assistance service is covered, the cost of composure or replacement of the key will be absorbed by the client and an extra charge will be generated at the end of the contract.

Roadside assistance does not cover:

  • Negligence.
  • Tyre change.
  • Rescue by empty deposit.
  • Rescue of the vehicle in the following cases: during driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, by an unauthorized driver, by driving on shores of beaches, by driving through estuaries, driving by rivers and driving by or on seas and oceans.

Travel Abroad and Entry limitations

The rented vehicle shall not be able to leave the limits of the territory of the Republic of Costa Rica, without the prior consent to be granted in writing by the landlord.


The accessories are reserved without compromise and are obtained according to availability.